In the regional paper for the southern Netherlands Het Eindhovens Dagblad of Monday the 23rd of august we red:

" Between 6000 scorpions."
Kuala Lumpur - Six thousand scorpions are during the next seven weeks the companions of the 27 year old Malaysian Nur Malena Hassan. She let lock up herself in a glass showcase with the poisonous animals in a shopping-center in Kuantan. After the pictures it concerns Heterometrus spinnifer ( The sting of this beast can evoke severe problems with the eyes, serious fever and qualms.)
With her stay between the swarming scorpions Nur Malena wants to establish a record and gain in this way a place in the Guinness Book of Records.
During her attempt on a record the Malaysia may leave her poky little room only for fifteen minutes per day.
Some experience with life scorpions she has already:: in 2001 she sat for 31 days in a glass box with 2700 scorpions. She has been bitten seven times"-
In the paper was not mentioned whether she was wearing clothes during this daring exploit.
In the paper of the 22nd of September we read that Scorpio-Queen succeeded in her aim. This time she has been stung again "only" 7 times. She will stay in the glass box for a while to secure her record